Re-Roofing Inspections – A Case Study on Meeting Permit Requirements

Roofing projects often require multiple inspections to meet local building codes. However, the inspection process can get complicated, particularly when the job lacks proper permit displays. We recently helped a client who faced challenges with their residential re-roofing project. The local permit department was asking for an engineering certification letter for the rough dry-in stage because the inspection photos did not adequately display the required permits. Here’s how Oasis Engineering was able to provide prompt engineering letters, leveraging the Virtual Inspections Process to meet all building codes and safety requirements.

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What is the Virtual Inspection Process?

Many local building departments offer Virtual Inspections process as an alternative to traditional inspections. Virtual Inspections can be scheduled for several permit types, including Residential Roof Re-Roofing projects. This method speeds up the inspection process while ensuring all safety and building code criteria are met.

Inspections Available

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Our Client’s Challenge

Our client had completed a residential re-roofing project and submitted pictures for the inspection process. Unfortunately, these pictures did not meet the requirements for clear permit display, leading the permit department to request a certified engineering letter for the rough dry-in stage. At this point, the roof covering (shingles) are installed, so having progress installation pictures during the construction process is extremely valuable, as it can save contractors from having to rework and remove shingles to prove proper installation.

Our Solution

Leveraging the Virtual Inspection Process, and the in-progress photographic documentation, Oasis Engineering was able to provide an engineering letter swiftly. We also reviewed Florida Product Approval Numbers, NOAs, Wind Engineering requirements and other specific engineering details. Our certified engineer guided the client through the inspection criteria such as:

  • Drip Edge over-laps and nailing
  • Peel and Stick/Underlayment and Florida Product Approval Information
  • Starter Shingle and Shingle Nailing
  • Valleys, as applicable

The Result

By following the Virtual Inspection Verification, we were able to satisfy all of Building Departments requirements, thereby avoiding any delays in our client’s roofing project. The client received their necessary permits, and the project successfully passed the final inspection.


Virtual inspections are revolutionizing the way we think about construction and engineering compliance. They offer a quick, convenient, and efficient way to get your projects approved. Oasis Engineering leverages these technologies to provide prompt and reliable engineering letters and services, ensuring your project meets all local and safety requirements.

For more information about how we can support your engineering needs, especially in the fast-paced world of virtual inspections, contact Oasis Engineering today.

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