Shipping Container Home Plans – A1

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We offer pre-engineered shipping container home plans that are simple, yet beautiful. Our designs are guaranteed to give you the minimalist look you want, while making sure your house is still functional and practical.

Great for minimalists, digital nomads, or for anyone looking to live off the grid in an affordable home that is also modern and aesthetically defined. We have created this design for someone looking for a value solution for their modular home project.

NOTE: This offering comprises a detailed set of engineering plans or blueprints, and does not include the physical shipping container itself.

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Experience the simplicity and beauty of living in a pre-engineered shipping container home that we’ve tailored for functionality and modern aesthetics.

40ft High Cube Container Plans

Embrace a lifestyle of minimalism, be it as a digital nomad or an off-grid living enthusiast, with our affordable, modern, and design-oriented container home solution.

This design caters to those seeking an economical yet high-value modular home project solution.

Our Pre-Engineered Shipping Container Home Plans cater perfectly to the hands-on builder. With comprehensive engineering and detailed drawings, we’ve made sure all essential building elements are covered to deliver a high-end shipping container home experience. Quality materials and components are key to our design.

USA Professional Engineer Stamps and Certifications are accessible in most parts of the USA.

Our offering includes pre-designed and engineered homes. For bespoke designs, project requests, and modifications, please get in touch.

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NOTE: This digital product is designed for single-household use. Unauthorized replication, publication, sale, or distribution of any part of these plans is a copyright infringement and liable to appropriate penalties. For large or custom orders, please reach out to

Terms of Use: This product has been developed considering a specific building code and design environment aligned with certain structural engineering requirements. It may be necessary to have an engineer, architect, or qualified professional review, modify and certify the drawings in line with local permitting and building code regulations. Please review the plans with your local building inspector and secure the necessary building permits before starting your project. Contact us if you require assistance with engineering or permitting. All efforts have been made to provide a comprehensive set of drawings and details. It is the buyer’s responsibility to consult with a qualified professional, contractor, engineer or architect to ensure all safety and regulatory requirements are met before construction.

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Shipping Container Home Plans – A1
Original price was: $105.00.Current price is: $99.99.