20×8 Tiny Home Shipping Container Blueprints – B1

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Great for Minimalist Off the Grid Living! Embrace minimalist living with our 20×8 Shipping Container Tiny Home Blueprints. Expertly designed to maximize 160 sqft of space, offering a 1-bedroom, 1-bath home with a cosy living area and functional kitchen

We offer pre-engineered shipping container home plans that are simple, yet beautiful. Our designs are guaranteed to give you the minimalist look you want, while making sure your house is still functional and practical.

Great for minimalists, digital nomads, or for anyone looking to live off the grid in an affordable home that is also modern and aesthetically defined. We have created this design for someone looking for a value solution for their modular home project.

NOTE: This offering comprises a detailed set of engineering plans or blueprints, and does not include the physical shipping container itself.

Unleash your dream of minimalist living with our meticulously designed 20×8 Shipping Container Tiny Home Blueprints. Ideal for those seeking a compact yet complete home, these plans encompass 160 sqft of efficiently utilized living space.

Our blueprints outline a comfortable 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom design that still leaves room for a cozy living area and a fully functional kitchen. The design integrates sliding doors, allowing for abundant natural light and a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces.

What’s included?

• Detailed floor plans highlighting room layouts and space planning.

• Technical drawings featuring structural elements, electrical schematics, plumbing layouts, and HVAC plans.

• Visualizations of finished interiors, providing a concrete idea of your future home.

• A comprehensive list of materials, fixtures and finishes required for construction.

A product of Oasis Engineering, these plans have been pre-designed and engineered with quality, comfort and sustainability in mind. Please note, these plans are digital and do not include the physical shipping container.

We also offer USA Professional Engineer Stamps and Certifications in most areas.

Custom designs and modifications? Contact us directly.

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NOTE: This digitally delivered product is intended for use by one household only. Unauthorized duplication, publication, sale, or distribution will be subject to penalties for copyright infringement. For larger or custom orders, please contact

Terms of Use: Our plans are developed for a specific building code and design environment as prescribed by particular structural engineering requirements. It is the buyer’s responsibility to consult with a qualified professional, contractor, engineer, or architect to ensure compliance with local permitting and building code regulations. Please review the plans with your local building inspector and acquire the necessary permits before starting your project. Contact us for engineering or permitting guidance.

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20×8 Tiny Home Shipping Container Blueprints – B1
Original price was: $75.00.Current price is: $70.00.