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In the dynamic world of construction and home improvement, unforeseen circumstances often dictate field adjustments — sometimes even substantial alterations — to previously approved plans. At Oasis Engineering, we understand that such changes are not just about complying with regulations but about preserving the integrity and safety of a construction project while keeping it on schedule.

In our latest case study, we walk you through a specific scenario where our timely intervention facilitated a smooth continuation of a patio addition project, highlighting our commitment to efficiency and adherence to codes.

Project Background

A residential project in Arlington, Texas witnessed a patio addition. During the construction process, field conditions necessitated a modification in the framing of a sliding glass door that opens to the patio. It was crucial to carry out this adjustment without compromising the structural integrity of the entire setup.

Swift Response and Expert Engineering

Understanding the urgency, Oasis Engineering quickly swung into action. The team provided engineering structural analysis to the field adjustment to the 6×12 frame to accommodate the unforeseen field conditions, ensuring the modification not only met but exceeded the essential engineering standards and design requirements for stability and integrity of the patio project.

With a deep understanding of the International Residential Code (IRC) 2021 amalgamated with the City of Arlington Amendments, our team demonstrated a swift response, backed by expert knowledge.

Seamless Communication with Building Officials

Maintaining a transparent communication channel, we engaged with the City of Arlington Permits Department at every step. By furnishing detailed updates and clarifications, we ensured a smooth process, always keeping the building officials in the loop. This open line of communication fostered trust and cooperation, vital ingredients for the success of any project.

Ensuring Compliance and Safety

Our primary objective was to safeguard the compliance of the project with the necessary regulations. Through meticulous inspection and validation, we certified that the field adjustments abided by the stipulations of the permit, aligning with the recognized standards set by IRC 2021 along with the specific amendments of the City of Arlington, providing an engineer letter.

Our Commitment: Expertise meets Responsibility

With the certified engineering letter and report, we certified the as-built conditions, confidently recommending approval from the building officials. Our rich history of expertise and adherence to regulations meant that we could take charge, providing assurance of safety and compliance.


At Oasis Engineering, we stand by our commitment to offer solutions that are not just about meeting the standards but creating benchmarks of quality and trust. We invite you to reach out to us for your engineering needs, where expertise meets responsibility, assuring you a service where your project is in safe hands.

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