Understanding the Different Levels of Investigation: ASCE Texas Section Guidelines for Residential Foundations

When it comes to residential foundations, the integrity and stability of the structure are paramount. Evaluating and repairing foundations requires a methodical approach, and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Texas Section, has defined specific levels of investigation to ensure thorough assessment. Here’s a breakdown of these levels as outlined in the ASCE Texas Section Guidelines for the Evaluation and Repair of Residential Foundations – Version 3 (Adopted March 2022).

Level A Investigation

The Level A investigation serves as a preliminary assessment or a “report of first impressions.” It generally includes:

  • Interviews with occupants, owners, and clients
  • Review of existing documents such as construction drawings and geotechnical reports
  • Visual observations and walk-through
  • Consideration of factors influencing foundation performance
  • A written report detailing observations, influential factors, conclusions, and recommendations for further action

Level B Investigation

A Level B investigation builds on Level A by adding detailed measurements and a scaled drawing of the foundation. It includes:

  • Relative Foundation Elevations: These determine the shape of the foundation or floor, considering floor finishes.
  • Scaled Drawing: Includes considerations for differing thicknesses of floor covering, built-in slopes, and deflection calculations.
  • Deflection and Tilt Reporting: This includes overall deflection, localized deflection, and tilt compared to acceptable tolerances.

Level C Investigation

The most comprehensive option, Level C, incorporates all aspects of Levels A and B and may include additional tests and reports as deemed necessary by the Engineer. This may include:

  • Site-specific soil sampling and testing
  • Plumbing and material testing
  • Steel reinforcing and post-tensioning cable testing
  • A detailed level of reporting that includes factors affecting soil moisture, tree surveys, photographs, and a detailed distress survey

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