Foundation Engineer Letters in Texas: A City-by-City Guide

In the construction landscape of Texas, foundation engineer letters are essential documents required by various cities. These letters, sealed and signed by professional engineers, attest to the compliance of foundation design and construction with specific codes and soil conditions. Let’s take a look at the requirements in 10 cities across Texas.

1. San Antonio

San Antonio requires a foundation engineer letter for new residential structures, room additions over 1,000 square feet, or adding a second floor to a home.

2. Lancaster

Lancaster mandates a building permit, including a foundation engineer letter, for all foundation repair projects and new construction projects.

3. Austin

Engineered Foundation Letter, (with plans) required for repairs and new construction projects. For mobile homes, a sealed foundation letter required from a Registered Design Professional or submittal of the TDHCA Form T – Notice of Installation by a qualified TDHCA Professional.

4. Denton

Denton’s regulations necessitate a foundation repair letter and plan signed and sealed by a Texas registered engineer for repair projects. Also for new construction projects, as detailed in their New Residential Plan Submittal Requirements Checklist.

5. Mckinney

In Mckinney, all foundation repairs must be designed by a professional engineer, documented in a foundation engineer letter. Foundation Letter and Framing Letter (framing letter will state that all MEP’s are installed at the time of inspection and be signed/stamped by an engineer). 3rd party foundation letter required at BFE Inspection (Building Frame / Electrical)

6. DeSoto

DeSoto requires pier inspections to be performed by an independent lab or a Texas Licensed Professional Engineer, ensuring unbiased oversight. Engineered foundation letter (must be sealed by PE) is required in their Residential Permit Application Checklist.

7. Grand Prairie

Grand Prairie requires a stamped engineer’s letter and plans detailing the areas of construction or repair. Engineer’s Foundation Letter and Plans (Signed and Sealed) are required for New Residential Construction projects.

8. Dallas

Dallas emphasizes robust foundation integrity standards and often requires a foundation engineer letter for various residential and commercial projects. Engineered foundation letter (must be sealed by PE), Engineered foundation design (must be sealed by PE) and Engineered shearwall design (must be sealed by PE) are some of the requirements listed in the Residential Construction Requirements.

9. North Richland Hills

In North Richland Hills, foundation engineer letters are part of the standard requirements for new constructions and significant renovations, ensuring adherence to local building codes.

10. Denton, Texas

Denton, Texas, requires a specific foundation repair letter and plan, emphasizing the importance of professional engineering input in maintaining structural safety.


Foundation engineer letters serve as vital tools to ensure safety, integrity, and compliance across Texas. The specific requirements may vary from city to city, reflecting local priorities and standards.

If you are undertaking construction or foundation repair in any of these Texas cities, understanding these requirements is crucial. Visit Oasis Engineering for assistance with engineer letters and other construction-related services.

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