Engineering Consultation Resolves Lintel Compliance Issue: A Case Study

In the construction industry, compliance with building codes can often present complex challenges, particularly during remodeling projects. This case study demonstrates how Oasis Engineering’s expert consultation and strategic approach to building code compliance played a pivotal role in resolving a door opening issue for a client in Florida.

Background: During a remodeling project, our client encountered a significant challenge. The construction team had to enlarge a door opening, which involved complex structural changes, including the reinstallation and modifications to the lintel and concrete cells. However, the work was completed before obtaining a building permit, leaving the alterations unverified by the initial inspection.

Challenge: The local permit department required a “covered work letter” from an engineer to verify the integrity of the lintel and poured cells at the newly enlarged door opening. Without this verification, the project faced potential delays and compliance issues.

Oasis Engineering’s Approach:

Upon being contacted, Oasis Engineering promptly addressed the situation. Our approach involved:

  • Assessment of Available Evidence: We reviewed the photos provided by the owner, which showed the rebar in the concrete blocks.
  • Expert Analysis: Using our extensive knowledge of the Florida Building Code and structural engineering principles, we analyzed the structural integrity of the modified door opening. This included reviewing applicable Florida product approvals, engineering plans and applicable documentation.
  • Certification Letter: We provided a detailed letter certifying the compliance of the work based on our analysis and the available evidence.

Our intervention facilitated:

  • Compliance Verification: The certification letter addressed the permit department’s requirements, verifying that the structural modifications complied with the building codes.
  • Project Continuation: Enabled the project to proceed without further delays, passing subsequent inspections.
  • Client Satisfaction: the client received the necessary documentation to satisfy the permit department’s requirements, ensuring the project’s successful completion.
Letter Professional Engineer

This case study highlights the importance of professional engineering consultation in navigating the intricacies of building codes and permit requirements. Oasis Engineering’s timely and knowledgeable intervention provided the necessary assurance of compliance, underscoring the value of expert guidance in the construction industry.

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