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Enhanced Climate Resilience in Alexan Crafts: A Collaboration between WindCalculations.com and HVAC Experts

We are excited to announce that WindCalculations.com, a distinct entity under the Oasis Engineering umbrella, has been selected to work hand-in-hand with premier HVAC specialists. Our shared goal is to reinforce the climate resilience of Alexan Crafts, a cutting-edge mixed-use building in Coral Gables, Miami.

Special Attention to HVHZ (High-Velocity Hurricane Zone)

The Alexan Crafts project is located in an area that has been designated as a High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) in Miami-Dade County. This presents an intricate set of engineering challenges. These challenges require utmost precision and adherence to the rigorous Miami-Dade HVHZ and Florida Building Code (FBC) standards.

As the expert wind engineering consultants for this assignment, we at WindCalculations.com are focusing on enhancing the resilience of rooftop equipment and mechanical ventilation systems. All wind load calculations and verified documentation are prepared to the highest standard, satisfying both Miami-Dade HVHZ requirements and FBC criteria.

“The engineering guidelines for Miami-Dade’s HVHZ region are some of the most demanding across the U.S. At WindCalculations.com, our aim is to bring forward-thinking wind engineering solutions that not just meet but surpass these stringent local standards,” remarks Enrique Lairet, PE, CEO of Oasis Engineering.

Our involvement demonstrates our expertise in tackling the complicated wind engineering environment of the Miami-Dade HVHZ, thereby adding an essential layer of resilience to the project.

Customized Engineering Services for HVAC Installations

Upon request from our HVAC collaborators, WindCalculations.com is offering specialized engineering services to ensure the structural soundness of rooftop equipment against heavy wind loads.

“Our role is specialized; we concentrate on wind engineering aspects to ensure the HVAC installations meet or exceed the most rigorous standards,” adds Lairet.

Introducing Alexan Crafts

Alexan Crafts is a modern 7-story mixed-use development in Coral Gables, featuring 263 residential units, 22 live-work units, and a variety of amenities. Our specialized services are central to the building’s overall sustainable and resilient design strategy.

About WindCalculations.com

Operating under Oasis Engineering, WindCalculations.com is committed to offering wind load calculation services that align with strict building codes and address the growing challenges related to climate change.

For more comprehensive information about WindCalculations.com and our broad range of services, feel free to visit our official website.

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