A Quick Start DIY Guide to Building Your First Shipping Container Home

In recent years, the global housing landscape has been revolutionized with the introduction of shipping container homes, a phenomenon that married innovation with sustainability.

As individuals and families grasp towards a future forged with creativity and environmental consciousness, shipping container homes stand as a testament to the marriage between luxury and affordability.

Whether you’re an aspiring homeowner driven by the dream of sustainable living or a veteran contractor venturing into modern housing solutions, Oasis Engineering is here to usher you through the meticulous yet gratifying journey of constructing a shipping container home.

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Before embarking on the path to building your shipping container home, a vital step is laying a solid groundwork through comprehensive research. This stage is pivotal in navigating the plethora of options available and carving out a plan that is both feasible and tailored to individual needs.

  • Understanding the Viability of a Container Home Project

    Begin by understanding the viability of your project. Consider aspects such as the land where the home will be situated, the climate of the region, and the kind of customization you envisage for your home. Engage in a thoughtful selection of shipping containers, assessing the quality, size, and the kind of modifications they can undergo. Leverage Oasis Engineering’s expert consultation to analyze the preliminary requisites, steering clear of common pitfalls.
  • The Essential Resources and Materials Required

    Delineate the essential resources and materials needed for the venture. The choice of materials not only defines the aesthetic appeal but also plays a crucial role in determining the longevity and sustainability of your home. From insulation choices to the right kind of flooring, each element demands careful consideration. Explore the various guides and e-books available at Oasis Engineering for a deep dive into the intricacies of material selection and gain insights from industry leaders.

With a firm grasp of the fundamental aspects of a shipping container home, you arm yourself with the knowledge essential in bringing your dream project to fruition. The meticulous research process ensures a foundation built on knowledge, expertise, and a vision aligned with sustainable and innovative living solutions.


Permit acquisition stands as a critical step in the progression of your shipping container home project. This stage involves complying with local codes, regulations, and engineering requirements to secure the necessary permits that will allow your project to materialize legally and safely.

  • Understanding Local Regulations and Codes

    Acquaint yourself with the local regulations and zoning codes pertaining to container homes. This knowledge is crucial to ensuring that your project abides by the necessary legal frameworks and safety guidelines. Oasis Engineering recommends consulting with local regulatory bodies to garner detailed insights.
  • Engaging with a Licensed Professional Engineer

    Collaborating with a licensed professional engineer can facilitate the seamless navigation through the permitting process. Our team’s expertise ensures compliance with all safety and engineering norms, promoting a smooth progression to the actual building stage.


The budgeting phase sets the financial blueprint for your project, underlining the capital allocation towards various facets of the construction process.

  • Detailed Budget Planning

    Embark on detailed budget planning to foresee and allocate financial resources efficiently. Utilize tools such as Oasis Engineering’s Comprehensive Budget Planner & Material List to obtain a robust estimation of the costs involved, assisting in avoiding unforeseen financial hiccups during the construction phase.
  • Cost-Efficient Material Procurement

    Engage in cost-efficient material procurement strategies, leveraging expert insights to balance quality with affordability, ensuring a project that stands tall in terms of both durability and financial feasibility.

Take control of your dream project with our detailed “Comprehensive Budget Planner & Material List for 20ft DIY Shipping Container Home Project.” Designed to empower DIY enthusiasts and seasoned contractors alike, this meticulously crafted guide makes the process of building your unique container home more manageable and less daunting.

Detailed material list for a budget-friendly DIY build under $22,000, plus tips for cost savings and eco-friendly choices.

Construction Process

The construction phase marks the beginning of your dream project taking a tangible shape, layer by layer, element by element.

  • Foundation and Structural Integrity

    Commence with laying a robust foundation, the bedrock of your container home. Oasis Engineering extends its expert services in devising plans that ensure the structural integrity of your project, infusing it with strength and longevity.

We specialize in Foundation Plans and Consulting for Shipping Container Homes, Sheds, and multi-functional structures. Whether you require assistance with isolated aspects of design or construction, we’re your reliable partner in each step of the way. We’ve already provided this type of engineering consulting to dozens of homeowners, and we’re here to facilitate your project with expert guidance, only a call away.

Oasis Engineering
  • Integration of Different Trades

    This phase involves the seamless integration of various trades, including plumbing, electrical, and HVAC installations. Drawing from a reservoir of knowledge and expertise, Oasis Engineering offers pre-engineered DIY shipping container home plans that envisage a home built with precision and perfection.
  • Finishing Touches

    As your home nears completion, it’s time to focus on the finishing touches that breathe life into your space. From selecting the right kind of flooring to installing energy-efficient windows and the perfect doors to blend the indoor and outdoor spaces harmoniously, every detail matters. Dive deep into the rich repository of resources available at our website to find guidance on imparting your home with a finish that is both beautiful and sustainable.


As you stand at the threshold of your newly built shipping container home, it is a testimony to a journey well navigated, a dream brought to life through meticulous planning, and expert guidance. Oasis Engineering stands with you in this triumphant moment, a partner in your journey towards sustainable and innovative living. Explore our vast array of services and products to continue this journey of innovation and sustainability, paving the way for a future that is greener, safer, and infused with the joy of fulfilling dreams.

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