Reviving Structures: Structural Repairs & Certification for Fire-Damaged Trusses by Oasis Engineering

When fire compromises the structural integrity of a building’s trusses, immediate and expert intervention is essential. Oasis Engineering, renowned for its extensive experience in engineering and construction, offers specialized services to rectify fire-damaged trusses, bringing them back to life.

Understanding Fire Damage: A Case Study

Recently, Oasis Engineering was entrusted with the task of providing repair specifications for fire-damaged trusses in a building, where damages were detected mainly in the bottom chord. This scenario, though challenging, presented an opportunity for our engineers to demonstrate their skills.

Oasis Engineering’s Methodical Approach

1. Comprehensive Assessment: Adhering to Florida Building Code guidelines ([2020 FBC – Residential, R802.10.4 and 2020 FBC – Building, 2303.4.5]) and the American Wood Council (AWC), our team conducted an in-depth assessment to grasp the extent of the damage.

2. Preparation of a Clear Repair Blueprint: A well-articulated repair scope letter was crafted, specifying the necessary remediation strategies. This document sets the course for efficient and safe recovery from the damage. Additionally, the letter is accompanied by an engineering drawing detailing the repair requirements and specifications visually.

3. Implementation of Restoration Measures: Our recommended approach included sistering around the impacted areas and extending the new members the affected region on both sides. This unique method ensured that the bottom chord’s structural integrity was reinstated.

4. Final Approval and Certification: Following repair, we coordinated with local authorities for necessary inspections and approvals. Our final certification letter affirmed the success and safety of the repairs, in line with all pertinent regulations.

Oasis Engineering: Your Partner in Restoration

The detailed letter, drawings, and specifications conveyed a complete picture of the custom-made repair methodologies for the damaged truss. This case epitomizes Oasis Engineering’s dedication to delivering precise, compliant, and robust solutions to complex engineering problems.

Whether it’s fire-damaged trusses or other engineering services like structural modifications, construction inspections, or design validation, Oasis Engineering stands as a beacon of reliability and excellence. Reach out to us now to discover how we can cater to your specific engineering needs and provide the professional assurance your projects deserve.

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