Staircase Analysis and Engineer Inspection in North Carolina

In the ever-evolving world of construction and engineering, delivering impeccable quality is essential. Oasis Engineering recently led a standout project in North Carolina, where the construction of a staircase was brought to fruition through rigorous inspections, alignment with local standards, and a meticulous eye for detail.

Project Spotlight: Crafting & Inspecting a Staircase in a New Residence

This project centered around engineering consultation for the construction of a stairway within a newly built residence in Kannapolis, NC. Our team of engineering specialists embarked on a comprehensive inspection and evaluation process to affirm the stairway’s safety and structural soundness, aligning the construction with the 2018 North Carolina Building Code (NCBC).

Key Aspects of Success

  • Compliance with NCBC 2018: Oasis Engineering ensured that the staircase’s framing met all requisite engineering standards, plans, codes, and permits in accordance with the NC Building Code 2018.
  • Adherence to Appendix G Form Requirements: In specific counties such as Rowan County, the Appendix G Design Professional Inspection Form is deployed for the meticulous documentation of building component inspections by a licensed architect or engineer in North Carolina. This form encapsulates all essential project details, and upon receiving the signed document, the Code Enforcement absolves itself from any liabilities, recording the inspection in all pertinent documents, including the Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Compliance.
  • Verification of Structural Safety: Our analysis confirmed that the stairway was robust and suitable for use, mirroring the high construction standards upheld by the contractor.
  • Provision of Supporting Documents: Oasis Engineering supplied thorough construction plans and photographic evidence to corroborate compliance with the relevant codes, standards, and Appendix G stipulations.

Oasis Engineering: A Name You Can Trust for Engineering Letters and Inspection Services

Specializing in engineering letters, inspection services, and strict adherence to building codes like Appendix G, Oasis Engineering’s North Carolina staircase project epitomizes our commitment to precision, quality assurance, and legal compliance.

Our Offerings Include:

  • Customized Engineering Letters: Our engineering letters are crafted with precision, reflecting the unique attributes of each project.
  • Comprehensive Inspection Services: We provide exhaustive evaluations and assessments, ensuring alignment with all pertinent codes and regulations, including specific provisions like Appendix G.
  • Guidance on Compliance: Our expertise spans various building codes, enabling us to assist you in meeting all the essential project requirements, including localized building codes.

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